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About Us

Most SMEs die within their first five years of existence and another smaller percentage goes into extinction between the sixth and tenth year thus only about five to ten percent of young companies survive, thrive and grow to maturity. Having worked with SMEs for some years, many factors have been identified as the possible causes or contributing factors to the premature death. Key among these factors are inadequate business experience, poor governance, lack of business and market focus, patronage for foreign goods and services, poor book keeping, multiple taxation and levies, policy inconsistencies and shocks, inability to separate business from owners, inadequate manpower and above all funding .

Axis Partners carved out its market niche focusing in providing solutions to address some of the  challenges mentioned above with our flagship service, business support service, which is usually tailored to address specifics of clients in the area of governance, accounting system implementation and set up, financial management and projections, outsourcing of functional services, tax management, business advisory and planning, market and business feasibility, expansion plan, business process re-engineering and automation, technical hands-on training and  human resources.

We have assisted some of our clients with funding requirement and by relating them with fund providers but have achieved limited success because of our restricted role, hence refocusing the business as an incubation company to enable us steer ideas from conceptualization to actual formation  and management and partner with  our clients to build  sustainable  businesses.

 We pride ourselves as an innovative organization hence  the creation of a technological driven online fund raising  platform, crowd funding, which  connect the surplus  fund sector  (individuals and organizations) with  the deficit sector (SMEs).  


Our Vision

’To sustainably build and support entrepreneurs towards building world class organizations

What we do?

01Advisory:Financial Management, Accounting System Implementation and Set Up, Inventory and Retail Management, Business Automation, Business Process Re-engineering, Human Resources, Strategy Development and Implementation, Business Plan and Feasibility Study

02Outsourcing : Accounting, Administrative, Business Oversight, Unskilled and Support Staff, Payroll Outsourcing, Tax Management & Advisory, Retail Operation Oversight, Human Resources, Recruitment, Training

03Incubation:Business Set Up and Management, Funding, Expansion Programme, Funding Liaison and Crowd Funding


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Mission Statement

"To sustainably build and support  entrepreneurs towards building world class organizations"


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